Fujitsu  FM Towns II
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Fuji FM-Towns 2

The FM Towns II computer came in a few configurations, displayed here is the FM Towns II Laptop, which had a built in CD-ROM, a 3.5" disk drive and all the specifications of the FM Towns computer, but now ran on the Intel 80486DX2 CPU @ 66MHz.

A desktop version of the FM-Towns II with separate screen also exists.

The FM-Towns Architecture was, like the Sharp X68000 series, serious about graphics. The system had hardware sprites, and could display up to 1024 sprites on screen simultaneously, each sprite being 16x16 in 16 colors. There was 128KByte of memory reserved for sprites. Although advanced, the Sharp X68000 had even better sprite hardware for serious action gaming.

Technical Details
Released 1995 Brand Fujitsu Type Fujitsu FM Series Name FM Towns II CPU Class 80x86 CPU Intel 80486DX2 @66MHz Memory RAM: 4MB
RAM max: 36MB
Sound Chip Rico RF5c68 / Yamaha YM2612 Sound 6 Channel FM
8 channel 10-bit PCM
1 channel 16-bit 44.1kHz PCM
Display Chip none Display 720x512 32k/16M colors Best Color 32K out of 16M colors Best Graphics 720x512 Sprites 1024 16x16 Sprites in 16 colors System OS Towns OS / WIndows 95B / ORS2
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