Fujitsu  FM 8

Fujitsu FM-8

The FM-8 (Fujitsu Micro 8) is a personal computer developed and manufactured by Fujitsu in May 1981. It was Fujitsu's second microcomputer released to the public after the LKIT-8 kit computer, and the first in the "FM" series. The FM-8 was an early adopter of bubble memory technology.

The FM-8 would later be replaced by two new models in November 1982 – the FM-11, aimed at businesses and the FM-7 aimed at the mass market.

Released 1981 Country Japan Brand Type FUJIT FM Series Name FM 8 CPU Class 6809 CPU 68A09 @1.2MHz, 6809 @1MHz Memory 64kB RAM, 48kB VRAM, 44kB ROM Sound Chip none Sound Beeper Display Chip 68A09 for Video Display 640x200 8 color Sprites n/a System OS F-BASIC Original Price ¥218000
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