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Amiga 4000 Tower Edition

The Amiga 4000T, also known as the A4000T, is the tower version of the Commodore Amiga 4000 computer. The machine was produced in 1994 and based on the AGA-chipset and the Motorola 68040 CPU running at 25MHz. After the collapse of Commodore, the company Escom re-released the machine with a faster Motorola 68060 CPU running at 50MHz.

The Amiga 4000T was the only Amiga that had both a SCSI- as an IDE-interface integrated with the motherboard. Because the drivers for these interfaces had to be integrated in the 512kByte ROM, the A4000T was also the only machine that had the file "workbench.library" on disk in order to run the standard OS.

The case and motherboard were according to the PC-AT specifications, and used a lithium backup battery. The other Amigas used the nickel-cadmium battery which caused leakage overtime and could damage the motherboard.

Because of the tower construction, the CPU, audio and video components were all designed as secondary boards which made the machine modulair. It was meant as a high-end video workstation. The motherboard contains two Amiga video-slots, five 100-pin Zorro III slots, and 4 ISA-bus slots. The case has room for no less than six drives. Memory can be expanded up to 16MByte, but with a CPU card, the memory could be expanded up to 128MByte, even more if you used the Zorro interface cards.

This computer was the last computer that was released by Commodore international. Not many of these machines were produced, it is rumored that only 200 or so A4000T's were produced before bankrupcy. After this Escom continued production with the new CPU and some minor changes to the drives.

Technical Details
Released 1994 Brand Commodore Type Commodore Amiga Desktops Name Amiga 4000T CPU Class 68000 CPU Motorola 68040 @25 MHz Memory RAM: 16MB
RAM max: 128MB
ROM: 512kB
Sound Chip Paula - 4 DMA-driven 8-bit PCM channels Sound 4x8-bit channels @56 kHz stereo Display Chip 32-bit Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) Display 320x200 to 1280x400i
640x480 VGA
800x600 interlaced
1024x768 interlaced
Best Color 24-bit color
262,144 simultaneous (HAM-8 mode)
Best Graphics 1024x768i Sprites AGA improved sprite capabilities System OS AmigaOS 3.1 Storage Internal 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive, 120MByte IDE Hard Disk Drive. Original Price $3,379
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Amiga  4000T (1994)
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