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The 8096-SK is internally the same computer as the 8096. The SK in the model number stands for Separate Keyboard. This was the first PET model that had a detachable keyboard and a monitor that could swivel and tilt on its stand.

The 8096 has a 80x25 character display and 96K of RAM, hence the model number of 8096. The original 8000 series shipped with 32K of Memory but allowed another 64K to be added externally for a total of 96KByte of RAM. Later production included the extra RAM pre-installed, and the model number was updated to 8096.

The biggest difference of the 8000 series over the 4000 series is that the 8000 models had a 12" screen as standard, and Basic 4.0. The CPU was the same 6502 running at 1 MHz, but improved circuitry allowed the 8000 series to run significantly faster.

The case of the 8096-SK is rounded as opposed to the more square cornered 8096, and was designed by Porche Design.

MOS 6509 CPU

THe MOS Technology 6509 is an enhanced version of the 8-bit 6502 CPU. Using bank switching the 6509 is able to address up to 1MByte of RAM. The 6502 also could do bank-switching, but did so via separate logic circuits, the 6509 had this logic built in. This extra logic made the 6509 difficult to program, and it was mainly used in the Commodore CBM-II line of computers.

Source:WikiPedia - MOS Technology 6509
Source:WikiPedia - MOS Technology 6502
Technical Details
Released 1980 Brand Commodore Type Commodore CBM 8000 Series Name CBM 8096SK CPU Class 650x CPU MOS 6509 @2MHz, Optional Z80 or Intel 8088 Memory RAM: 96kB Sound Chip none Sound 1 square wave, 3 octaves Display Chip none Display 80x25 Text
320x200 in 16 colors
512x512 mono
Best Text 80x25 Best Color 16 colors Best Graphics 512x512 monochrome Sprites none System OS BASIC 4.0
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