Commodore  CBM 8296-D

Commodore CBM 8296-D - Overview

Like the Commodore 8096-SK the Commodore CBM 8296 came with a detachable keyboard. This design was part of the CBM-II series (also known as the B series). This series was not as successful and abandoned, but the case design was used in the revival of the original PET machines. The PET 8296-D had this same case.

The 8296-D had two integrated 8250 high density Disk Drives. This was the most powerful PET computer that Commodore had produced, but the production run was limited. The computer was only sold in Europe.

MOS 6509 CPU

THe MOS Technology 6509 is an enhanced version of the 8-bit 6502 CPU. Using bank switching the 6509 is able to address up to 1MByte of RAM. The 6502 also could do bank-switching, but did so via separate logic circuits, the 6509 had this logic built in. This extra logic made the 6509 difficult to program, and it was mainly used in the Commodore CBM-II line of computers.

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SID (MOS 6581) - Sound Interface Device

SID is short for Sound Interface Device. It is the name of the sound chip that was used in the VC10, the commodore 64 and the Commodore 128. SID was developed by Bob Yannes, an employee of MOS Technology. Bob was not only an engineer but also knew a lot about music. His intention was to create a different sound chip than other devices at the time. He implemented a subtractive synthesis chip. The chip's distinctive sound is easily recognized and was clearly ahead of the ocmpitition. The SID combines analog and digital circuitry that cannot be 100% emulated, even today.

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Technical Details
Released 1982 Brand Commodore Type Commodore CBM 8000 Series Name CBM 8296-D CPU Class 6502 CPU MOS 6509 @2MHz, Optional Z80 or Intel 8088 Memory 256kB RAM Sound Chip none Sound 1 square wave, 3 octaves Display Chip MOS 6545 CRTC Display 80x25 Text
320x200 in 16 colors
512x512 mono
Sprites none System OS BASIC 4.0 Original Price unknown
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