The C64 Mini
Retrobug | 2023-04-11 10:30:53

The C64 Mini

The British company Retro Games Ltd. produced this Commodore 64 mini. This computer was one of the best selling 8-bit computer in its days and the inspiration for many hobby enthusiasts to pursue a career in programming and information technology.


This mini is a much smaller version of the original and has a non-functioning keyboard. Inside the casing is a micro-controller that runs a C64 emulator, and has 64 built in games. It comes with a remake of the Commodore 64 iconic joystick that has extra buttons and a USB connector. It is much stiffer than the original, and this causes the stick to respond much less quick, making playing certain games very hard.

The OS of this mini is a carousel that takes only a second to boot. The lower half of the screen shows the box art for the game, and by moving the joystick left and right you can choose a game to play. A still image or a short video will show on the left top and on the right a brief description of the game.

Even though 64 games are included, the original Commodore library included hundreds of great games. Due to licensing and copyrights some of the greatest C64 games are not present in this line-up.

Using it as a computer

The system does allow you to side-load games. You can start the mini up in BASIC mode and use the normal procedure to load a .C64 or .D64 ROM or disk file into the memory of the mini computer. It is not easy to do however. You need a joystick to activate the BASIC, and a keyboard to enter the commands to load the game. But the device only has one USB port. You are left typing the BASIC load commands using the virtual on-screen keyboard that takes all the fun out of getting it to load.

Basically the C64 mini has only been produced because there is a generation of people who grew up on these machines, and have a nostalgic need to re-live those days. In my opinion you are better off trying to get your hands on "The C64" which is essentially the same machine but has a full-functioning keyboard and basically is a full-fledged Commodore 64 with the benefits of HDMI output and USB storage.

Full list of all the included games

  1. Alleykat
  2. Anarcy
  3. Armalyte - Competition Edition
  4. Avenger
  5. Battle Valley
  6. Boulder Dash
  7. Bounder
  8. California Games
  9. Chip's Challenge
  10. Confusion
  11. Cosmic Causeway
  12. Creatures
  13. Cyberdyne Warrior
  14. Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine
  15. Cybernoid II: The Revenve
  16. Deflektor
  17. Everone's a Wally
  18. Firelord
  19. Gribbly's Day Out
  20. Hawkeye
  21. Heartland
  22. Herobotix
  23. Highway Encounter
  24. Hunter's Moon
  25. Hysteria
  26. Impossible Mission
  27. Impossible Mission II
  28. IO
  29. Jumpman
  30. Mega Acpocalypse
  31. Mission A.D.
  32. Monty Mole
  33. Monty On the Run
  34. Nebulus
  35. Netherworld
  36. Nobby the Aardvark
  37. Nodes of Yesod
  38. Paradroid
  39. Pitstop II
  40. Ranarama
  41. Robin of the Wood
  42. Rubicon
  43. Skate Crazy
  44. Skool Daze
  45. Snare
  46. Speedball
  47. Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe
  48. Spindizzy
  49. Star Paws
  50. Steel
  51. Street Sports Baseball
  52. Summer Games II
  53. Super Cycle
  54. Temple of Apshai Trilogy
  55. The Arc of Yesod
  56. Thing on a Spring
  57. Trailblazer
  58. Uchi Mata
  59. Uridium
  60. Who Dares Wins II
  61. Winter Games
  62. World Games
  63. Zynaps
  64. Commodore BASIC