Retrobug | 2023-05-11 08:37:43

New Classic

The Evercade VS is a video game console in the style of the classic consoles like Nintento and Sega. It uses physical cartridges to load games onto the system, although it is capable of downloading games through a WiFi connection as well.

The system comes with two controllers that have wires long enough to play the games on a large Television and sit at an appropriate distance. The Evercade has a HDMI output port that produces a sharp, crisp picture. There is an option to introduce scanlines into the picture to make the games have more of that classic look and feel.

Games Library

The games library varies greatly. There are some new indie games out that show the systems capabilities, but there are also cartridges with a bunch of old games that seem like someone just wanted to fill up the ROM. How many ways do we have now to play the old Atari 2600 games? Do we really need another system capable of playing those? Evercade did some clever marketing though, they are numbering the cartridges, and the boxes are fun to look at. So if you are a collector you may want to buy that cartridge with the 2600 games unless you like to have a gap in your sequense of games.

Affordable Fun

All in all, this is a really nice system, with a nice library of games. There are some licensing issues that limit what Blaze can produce for the Evercade VS, for instatnce the namco collection, which Blace produced for the Evercade handheld, will not work on the VS due to licensing restrictions. Hopefully Blaze can work this out, because this system really has a chance to become sort of the "Greatest Hits" for all sorts of systems. Right now it is not quite there yet, but definitely has a lot of games worth playing. And best of all, this system won't break the bank.