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This is a Timex Computer 2068, produced in Poland by a joint venture between Timex and Unimor. The machine is somewhat compatible with the Spectrum, and basically a modified Timex/Sinclair 2068.

The right joystick port was swapped for a parallel port in order to provide printer support. The internal speaker was left out, and AV monitor output added using a standard Eastern European DIN plug for monitors. Sound was upgraded to an AY sound chip, which was played through the monitor's internal speaker.

The machine came with an "Emulator ZX Spectrum" cartridge, which made the computer run ZX Spectrum software

Technical Details
Released 1986 Brand Timex/Unipolbrit Type Soviet Era Computers Name Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 Clone Of ZX Spectrum CPU Class Z80 CPU Z80A @3.5MHz Memory RAM: 48kB Sound Chip AY-3-8912 Sound 3-channel sound Display Chip none Display 32x24 Text, 256x192 8 color, 512x192 mono graphics Best Text 32x24 Best Color 8 colors Best Graphics 512x192 monochrome Sprites none System OS Sinclair BASIC
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